Friday, November 26, 2010

Business Update

Citrine glass briolettes wrapped with copper wire that I antiqued and artisan ear wires that I handmade.

Hopefully you all had a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving! As long as you were surrounded by family and had a meal to eat together you had much to be thankful for. We often get so caught up in what is complicated and missing in our lives that we forget to just thank God for all the simple blessings in our lives that so many others are going without in these uncertain times. I am guilty of this not just daily but from minute to minute. I have to remind myself not to think about the bill that is due at the end of the month, Christmas presents and preparations that need planned for and stresses that inevitably occur in everyday life. But when I focus on being grateful the problems seem so trivial. My family is healthy and generally happy, we have a nice home, my husband has been employed by the same company for over 10 years and has a company vehicle, and I am thankful for the Lord's presence in our lives. When you focus on the good in your life it makes it hard to remember what all the bad things were about.

Czech glass leaves and fire-polished rounds wrapped in copper wire that I antiqued and artisan ear wires are handmade.

Next week I am having my first Christmas Open House for Sunset & Vine Jewelry. I hope to make it an annual tradition. There will be food, music, home decor for the holiday season along with prizes. I am constantly stressing over decorations for the party, the food, the jewelry layout and packaging and gift wrapping. Basically there isn't a thing I am not worried about and I am trying to remind myself that it will all work out and I shouldn't let this consume me. Keep your fingers crossed and say a prayer for me and I will let everyone know how it goes. Hopefully I will have some good tips to share after it is all said and done.

Freshwater rice pearls and enamel tipped head pins are dangled from antiqued copper links and I made artisan ear wires.

I have a bit of bad news concerning my Etsy shop. I am sharing this with anyone who runs an Etsy shop so they don't fall into the same mistake of renewing without restraint. For the present moment my shop has been shut down because of past due fees. I was trying to be as successful as I could be and keep my items current by renewing them often especially if I hadn't listed a new item for the day which I read on the seller handbook. So for two months I re-listed every item in my shop every day! Apparently this is why some people need business managers and accountants,etc, etc., because in my head I thought "oh it is just twenty cents to renew and that isn't very much". Well after looking at my bill at the end of October I found out just how much it came to be! I had roughly 80+ items that I was renewing at the twenty cents and it turned out to be sixteen dollars a day or more!! Of course I was getting sales but not nearly enough to cover the costs that it took to draw them in. So if you are like me and budgeting and finance aren't your strong suits just remember what I learned about business...if your costs outweigh your sales then it isn't a great business model. All kidding aside I am working out the enormous billing issue...I was shocked when I saw it...and should be back up and running very soon. In the meantime I may be offering some items for sale here on my blog.

Sterling silver wire wrapped into a size 7 ring that is adjustable. Ring is hammered and polished and wrapped with sterling silver wire and faceted garnet stones.

Just a reminder, on Wednesdays I write a tutorial/review post for Tools Are For Women Too! so stop by and check it out! We always have a great time on TAFWT! There are contributing writers on various crafting topics and link parties on Mondays and Thursdays.

Past Present and Future circle links in sterling silver are draped from double strands of sterling silver delicate cable chain. Necklace is completed with a sterling silver spring ring clasp and total length is 18". Necklace can come as a set with matching earrings or bracelet.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Gift Certificate Winner

I am happy to announce that the winner of the October giveaway is Fiona from Fiona Designs. Fiona has an amazing shop on Etsy, I have actually done a feature on her and her store here on this blog and she has some really great Holiday cards and stationary available in her store so take a look if you get a chance!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

October Giveaway-Enter Here

This is the last giveaway that I will be doing until Christmas so I decided to make it a good one. October's giveaway is for a $25.00 gift certificate for Sunset & Vine to be used on any item your heart desires!

Follow these 2 easy steps to enter:
  • You have to be a follower of Tidbits & Glitz, this blog. If you aren't a follower become one:)
  • Leave a comment saying you want to enter!!!
For Additional Bonus Entries:
  • Refer a friend to follow said blog (I will trust you on this).
  • Pick your favorite piece of jewelry from my store, Sunset & Vine, and copy the link in your comment, telling me you are entering the giveaway and this is your favorite piece of jewelry(if you win you are not required to buy the pick with gift card).
  • Also in your comment if you were referred please drop a note so your friend gets credit.
**The more friends you refer to the contest the higher your chances are of winning, because your name will be re-entered for each referral you have!**

Best of luck to everyone!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

What Inspires You?

Yesterday I finally got a chance to take the camera outside to take some pics of the leaves. Autumn is my very favorite season in Ohio. In a state where winters are too frigid and visually unappealing and summers are too hot and humid, fall is a welcome occasion. The crisp cool air is just perfect for your favorite sweater and jeans. Pumpkins, gourds and mums adorn front stoops up and down the street and children pick out ghoulish costumes hoping to bag a pillowcase full of candy.

The best part for me though is the leaves. Walking my little Lillian to the bus stop the other morning, the leaves crunching under our feet, I said to her "it sounds like fall, it smells like fall, it looks like must be fall" to which she promptly rolled her eyes! Every day when we walk home from the bus stop I encourage her to make as much noise as she can crunching through the leaves on our rainbow colored sidewalk. My three-year-old Emi, loves to make me proud by pointing out her colors showing me that the neighbors tree is red while the house across the street has a yellow tree and our tree is now a brilliant orange. She collects leaves everyday on our walks and compares them. Over the weekend they helped my husband rake the yard and jumped in the leaf piles, something that children have enjoyed for many generations.I captured some really great images of the trees and their changing leaves and hopefully you enjoy them too!

The leaves inspired my Circle of Life pendant and I want to know what is inspiring you right now?

Sunset & Vine Featured

Sunset & Vine has been featured by the lovely Fiona, creator of Fiona Designs on Etsy and blog Fiona Designs. The feature is wonderful and left me speechless which is quite hard to! Please take a minute to hop on over and visit Fiona's blog and my feature:)

Thank you Fiona!!


Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fiona Designs- Featured Etsy Store of the Week

Thank you to Fiona Rohdes, of Fiona Designs for being this weeks featured Etsian! Fiona Designs(FD) offers stationary and greeting cards for every occasion. You have heard the saying "letter writing is a dying art", well I dare anyone to utter those words after viewing Fiona's creative line! She literally has stationary and greeting cards for every happening in your life. I find myself wanting to concoct reasons to send one! The stationary is refreshingly simple just like the shop's announcement page says which is perfect because you wouldn't want anything to detract from the effective delivery of the text.

Fiona is a graphic designer and artist graduating from the Parsons School of Design in 2000 with a passion for stationary, but technically it was a MFA(Masters in Fine Arts). Her designs are inspired by her love of nature, flowers, birds and landscapes. Other ways she gets her creativity flowing is by knitting, painting pet portraits, and photography that is posted on her blog.
Chances are you may have already seen one of FD's lovely items on Etsy. Her designs are favorites of treasury creators which is also another of Fiona's favorite pastimes. Professional accolades are definitely attaching themselves to this darling little shop and it's talented creator. Fiona Designs have been featured in Real Simple, Celebrity Living, People, GD 2006 Design Annual, and Redbook Magazine Online. FD has also recently been selected by the Etsy Marketing Team to include her Halloween cards in an feature.
You can find more information about Fiona on her website or her facebook page.

Santa's Coming!

Thank You Card Set

For your sweetie

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Boots, Boots, Boots...Please!

My Dream Boots

If there is one thing on my wish list this season it has got to be boots! Let them be riding, cowboy, motorcycle, or wedge. They can be ankle boots, calf-high, knee-high, or over the knee but let them be many. Color...I don't discriminate, I like them all even the blue leather cowboy boot. Just like a kid on Christmas morn all that matters is that I can have my pick!
The great thing about this seasons accessory staple is that there is a style to fit every buyer. Fashion Icon and designer, Michael Kors, advises women to embrace the great variety and invest in a couple pairs. He says "Ideally, you'll want a few pairs to wear with different-length skirts and dresses". Kors also points out the importance of matching your boots to your lifestyle. Kors says, "Stay true to your personal style". With the amazing options this season finding something to fit your style should be a pleasurable goal.
One other thing to point out is price. Everyone has a budget and just like the array in style there is an extensive range of prices to fit your budget. That is great news for some of us who unfortunately can't afford $290 and up Frye's. Two year's ago I bought a pair of stupendous gray, suede, over the knee boots with awesome buckle detailing. People compliment them all the time and they are $50 boots from Alloy.
All of the boots featured here are from Nordstrom and range in price from under $50 to over $300.

Just Dreaming....$1050.00 Manolo Blahnik's

Frye Styles

Under $100 Styles

Great Shapes

Stay Warm....Have Fun!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Humble Housekeeping-Featured Blog of the Week

My feature blog of the week is Humble Housekeeping! Everyone loves a humble gal, but Carly the creator of Housekeeping has nothing to be humble about. I agree with Carly when she says everyone and their mother is starting their own blog these days... it is a time where finding SAHM's with blogs is comparable to counting the stars in the night's sky. The good thing for Humble Housekeeping is that it truly stands out!

Carly is very easy to relate to in her new role as SAHM and she breathes new life and inspiration into this for some of us who have been in the game a little longer and are needing a bit of a fresh take. Most of us stay-at-home-mothers take on multiple roles and I really appreciate that this blog takes that into account. Her faith based perspective is something many can respect and I really love the call out to Dave Ramsey...a real fave of mine too!

Humble Housekeeping has some awesomely creative tips on redesigning your living space and everything is done on a budget(every project has a cost breakdown) which is a wonderful benefit in light of the economy. I had a hard time picking one project to call my favorite because I want to try them all but The New Touches of Blue Living Room Remodel is fabulous!

Carly has a rockin, comfy, chic, style. If you like Pottery Barn you will love, love,love this blog! You also won't have to break out a table saw to complete any of her projects...that is a good thing for me! Most importantly you will enjoy reading her blog, and she has much to write about in the future. Carly is expecting her second child in May, Congratulations!! Thank you very much to Humble Housekeeping for agreeing to be featured!

Take a quick look at Humble Housekeeping's take on outdoor relaxation!

October Giveaway

This is the last giveaway that I will be doing until Christmas so I decided to make it a good one. October's giveaway is for a $25.00 gift certificate for Sunset & Vine to be used on any item your heart desires!

Follow these easy steps to enter:
  • You have to be a follower of Tidbits & Glitz, this blog.
  • Leave a comment saying you want to enter.
For Additional Bonus Entries:
  • Refer a friend to follow said blog (I will trust you on this).
  • Pick your favorite piece of jewelry from my store, Sunset & Vine, and copy the link in your comment, telling me you are entering the giveaway and this is your favorite piece of jewelry(if you win you are not required to buy the pick with gift card).
  • Also in your comment if you were referred please drop a note so your friend gets credit.
**The more friends you refer to the contest the higher your chances are of winning, because your name will be re-entered for each referral you have!**

Best of luck to everyone!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Itz Fitz-Etsy Store Feature of the Week

Occasionally you have the pleasure as a shopper of stumbling upon something truly unique and stunning. That happened for me when I saw the wonderment that is Itz Fitz on the Etsy Harvest Showcase a couple of weeks ago. After popping into the shop to view more, the more I wanted and I was drooling like one of Pavlov's dogs.

Jen, the designer and mastermind behind Itz Fitz, graciously agreed to be featured on my little blog and I am so pumped because you have to check out all her goodies! The line after Itz Fitz in the store's banner simply says "handmade goodness" and if you read further you find that the handmade goodness is spun from "felt, yarn and happiness for you to enjoy"! An apt description because you can't help but feel content and happy when you view the stores line of wreaths, hair accessories, napkin rings, brooches, holiday decor, and other goodies.

Jen welcomes custom orders and also takes wholesale and bulk orders. Recently the store's designs where featured in Southern Flourish Fall 2010 Issue and were also selected for publication in a crafting book! You can follow Itz Fitz on Facebook for all the latest news, and even the occasional giveaway!

Here are a sampling of some more of the wreaths at Itz Fitz.

Here is a sampling of some of the other goodies offered at Itz Fitz.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Emi Turns Three

This week has been a whirlwind of birthday celebrations for my youngest daughter that will end this evening with her third and final party! Three parties to mark turning three years old, a little excessive maybe? Bless her little heart, she keeps telling me that this is her best week ever! She received a birthday card the other day from her great grandma with $10 and she was so excited I thought she would burst. "Mommy, this is my best day ever, I got monies"!
This week is a little bittersweet for mommy. Of course I am thankful that she is growing up happy, healthy and strong but she is my baby and each year that passes is a little sadder. They are growing up so fast. My 5 year old started kindergarten in August and my 12 year old hasn't been my a "baby" for a long I just have my little Emersen and she is not a baby anymore as much as I hate to admit. I know that they will always be my babies to "me" but don't tell them that...they are "big girls" now even Emi!
So tonight we will end our week long streak of birthday parties and cakes(because apparently everyone in the two families can't come together for one party like I wanted....just venting) with my parents coming over to enjoy m
y hubby's super chili and hot dogs, and this time it will be Dairy Queen Cake number 2 with a Scooby Doo theme. There is an upside to all of this growing up, besides being potty trained and it is definitely the Dairy Queen! The Dora one didn't make longer then a day!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Button Making...the blog kind

Being the non-technical person that I am trying to make a button for this blog and it is turning out to be an adventure. I have 3 different pages open and I am flipping back and forth. So far I have gone to Picnik to create my image and downloaded it to my hardrive. Now I am posting it to my blog in a post and from there I am supposed to create an html code(???)! Okay if this works I will share the information with all of you. It seems that I am the only one that still is without one!

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Life was really busy there for a minute and finally I have a minute to come up for air! I completed my samples for the Delightful Divas and their awesome Sweet Delight Divalicious Sample Boxes. Inside the boxes are samples of bath and body products, candles, makeup, jewelry and so much more and Sunset & Vine included 40 full size samples! I would like to thank the Divas, Robin and Penny for including me in their delightful project!
In other news Tools Are For Women Too! has a new contributing writer. Last week I told you that soon I would be writing a weekly feature for a favorite blog of mine. Rory, the brains behind TAFWT and a great friend of mine, wanted to bring something new to his blog and I am honored and excited to be a part of the team!
I would like to thank Fiona, from Fiona Designs for featuring my store and earrings on her blog. Fiona's blog, Fiona Designs, is a wonderful place to visit! Fiona won my August giveaway and posted about how much she loved the earrings. Thank you Fiona!
I am looking for stores and blogs to feature, if you are interested please contact me at Until next time I wish you all a happy and wonderful start to your Fall!

Saturday, September 11, 2010


As in Be Your Own Boss not the other BYOB that I know you are all thinking! Hopefully I got your attention though, because thanks to the economy more women and men for that matter are finding themselves unemployed possibly for the first time in their lives and wondering "what comes next"?
Many of you may already be running a business in your spare time to supplement your income. There is a difference though between operating a small scale internet business part-time and on the weekends to quitting your day job and becoming your own boss. After reading an article in Glamour Magazines October issue, I decided to share with you what it really takes to work for yourselves, unfortunately it isn't all passion, talent, creativity and love for your product!

  • Most importantly you need to do some major soul searching to figure out if you can cut it as an entrepreneur. Ask yourself some basic questions, do you enjoy the security of working for other people, like the structure of a normal work day, enjoy vacation time, insurance and having sick days and personal days? If the answer is yes than you may want to stick with your 9 to 5 and consider running a business part-time. If the answer is no than ask yourself, are you good at time management, do you like to take risks, can you come up with solutions in times of stress, and will you be able to handle working around the clock without breaks? If the answer is yes than you will most likely be able to handle the demands of operating your own business. Being the boss does have its downsides. Sure you can set your own schedule, and you are "the boss" but you have lots of stresses too! My father has owned his business for thirty years and he didn't take a family vacation until I was 13 because he didn't feel he could leave the business for a week. He also has to pay very high monthly premiums for very crappy health insurance, he is responsible for eight employees and their health insurance and in the beginning he worked from dawn till past dark. Owning your own business can be very demanding but very rewarding. If you are looking for more information on how to get started with your business check out the U.S. Small Business Administration. They provide assistance on how to get started and it is free!!
  • Once you have the basics figured out the next step is making a business plan of sorts. I say this loosely because you don't need to have a 300 page proposal but you do need to know what your goals are for your business and it wouldn't hurt to write them down. I am a journal keeper, not because I actually keep a diary that would require consistency, but I like to keep lists and that is a great start for a business plan. Make a list of your to-dos. Are you going to need a sales license so you can buy wholesale? What about basic no-brainers such as why does your business exist, who are your customers going to be, how will you make your company successful over time? As silly as they may or may not sound you will want to be able to answer these questions fully, and with competence, you never know when a potential buyer or investor is in your midst. You will also need to be able to modify these conditions over time as the economic climate, your customer base and your business change. One thing I have found in operating a business is that just like any job you will learn as you go but there is one thing you will want to have clear guidelines about from the word go. Customer service is something that is increasingly harder and harder to find and when you stumble upon a company that delivers great customer service it is the exception not the rule. With that in mind you have the power to make sure your company will be one of those that goes the extra mile and you'll never regret making that decision. Go out of your way to make your customers happy and they will remember and it will reflect in your bottom line!
  • Speaking of the bottom line, what about all the money you are going to make, after all the whole point of owning your own business and working for yourself is so you can have cash flow and a lot of it, right? Wrong, well probably wrong, at least in the beginning. Most people are lucky to break even the first year between investment and the time it takes for a business to get off the ground. I started on Etsy eighteen months ago and have just now began to realize a profit. Often you have to spend money to make money, which I never took into account when I was first starting out. Between my initial investment and money I pour back into my business, advertising and product that I give away I am probably still just breaking even but the great thing is that there is finally a buzz! When you decide to start a business you have to go into it with a lot of patience and determination. I knew that I was doing this because I loved it and that helped a lot and I knew no matter how long it took I was going to stick it out because I believed in my product and I wasn't doing it for the money. Now that the sales are coming in it makes it just that much sweeter!
  • Network! Network! Network! Did I say networking yet? Networking is probably the single most important thing I have done since joining Etsy. There are endless ways to meet up with other artisans, and bloggers who are friendly and helpful and will help you build and boost your business. Make treasuries and include your friends and fellow etsians that have put you in a treasury. Join in on the forums and contact a team and apply to become a member. If it weren't for blogs like Tools Are For Women Too! I wouldn't have quite the traffic in my site or the number of great friends. Browse blogs and join in on the link parties and start your own facebook pages and blogs if you enjoy writing. Just don't forget that while it is great to gain something from a relationship you also want to remember to pay it back. Help out your fellow etsians, bloggers, and facebook friends when they need it and you will be blessed by these awesome networking relationships!
  • The Glamour article points out that it is important to build and maintain an online presence. With Etsy, Ebay, 1000 Markets and maintaining an online presence is easier and more manageable than ever. I would counter that building and maintaining a physical presence in our communities is the challenge for some. Having a real brick and mortar shop where our fellow community members can come in and shop our wares is a goal I have for my business. To get started you could strengthen your presence in your community by doing craft shows and art exhibits when they are offered. Scout out locations in your community and see if a lease fits into your budget. Check out your competition and do some research to determine how your product would fare in that particular market. Most importantly don't give up and believe in yourself, it also doesn't hurt to have a little faith!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Exciting News

So much for the dog days of summer! Sunset & Vine Jewelry has been busy(trust me I am not complaining), I have been working on samples for the Delightful Divas In Business, my kids are back in school(which should take pressure off but doesn't), and on the awesome news front I have been invited to be a contributing writer for one of my favorite blogs!! I will give you more details really soon(just a teaser for now)! As for a September Giveaway, I have big plans for the future of the Giveaway project. Please sign up to receive my newsletter so you don't miss out on all the new things happening. That does not mean that I won't be doing giveaways on the blog anymore but I have tons of news and announcements I don't want anyone to miss out on. Lots of love to you all! XOXOXO

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

August Giveaway Winners!!

Fiona from Fiona Designs is the lucky winner of the Grey Day Sterling Silver Earrings for the August Giveaway!
Melissa Parker and Griselda Tello are both winners of the 24 inch Sterling Silver Rope Chain. Griselda is owner of Awesome Art also on Etsy.
Thank you ladies for entering the giveaway!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Save A Little Bit Of Summer With Pressed Flowers

Where has the Summer gone? Yeah, I know everyone says this every year but seriously, I feel like it has literally passed me by. My 5 year old is heading off to kindergarten and I am filled with trepidation. Perhaps this feeling explains where my summer has taken off to. Along with this momentous event comes all the joys that can only accompany the back-to-school season. The 12 year old is involved in a grueling soccer program and various other middle school activities, while my 5 year old has just began the tight rope act of balancing ballet lessons and soccer along with school. At least little Emi, only just turning 3 has one more year before she starts the rat race. With this impending schedule shift quickly approaching everything that is a part of Summertime is rapidly fading. Flowers in full bloom, swimming pools, kids riding their bikes, evening walks and lemonade on the porch. County fairs, corn on the cob, ice cream trucks, nature hikes and family vacations are all soon to be replaced by snow, cold weather, mittens, sled riding and hot cocoa.

Thankfully you can save a bit of summer with a project that I did with pressed flowers. Pressing flowers is easy and very gratifying. You simply pick your favorite blooms and grab a large, heavy, hardcover book. Flat facing flowers work best for pressing as opposed to tulips or daffodils but it can still be done so don't be discouraged if these are your favorites.

Instructions For Pressing

  1. Open your book to the middle somewhere and place your flower.
  2. Place your flower or leaves flat and spread out evenly.
  3. Take care to close the book with the pages and flowers laying flat and not shifting together.
  4. Allow the flowers to press for 1-2 days for small flowers and 3-6 days for large flowers.
  5. When the flowers are finished pressing carefully remove them from the pages.
Now that you have your lovely pressed flowers you are ready to create something unique and special that will remind you of summer through the long winter months to come. You could enhance your stationary, make unique gift tags, create greeting cards or make beautiful framed works of art. I took an old cork board with picture frames that was laying around begging to be spruced up and put the pressed flowers inside the frames. I encourage you to try this out with the flowers left in your garden and have fun creating your own little bit of summer!

Friday, August 13, 2010

24 Day Challenge

Today a good friend of mine, Courtney, that I haven't seen in a while stopped by for a visit. I was surprised she looked so great. I could see from the last time I'd seen her she had lost weight, and I had to ask her what her secret was. Well, Courtney, had done a 24 day challenge and was proud to report she lost 10.6 lbs and 10.75 inches in 30 days on the program! She told me all about the program, it is very healthy and you still get to eat!!

I was definitely interested and decided to sign on for the challenge! I start the cleanse tomorrow and will post before pics and stats. I am so excited to start this program and lose those additional baby pounds and have some extra energy...yea! If you are interested in joining me in the challenge visit Advocare's website to sign up. Also while you are there you can find out how to save 20% on the products or just ask me how:)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Finding Balance

Sometimes the hardest thing to do in life is know when to say when. Often it is easier for everyone else in our lives to see when we need a break or have a problem. So far I haven't mentioned my family life in this blog because I feared if I opened the floodgates they would never close. But, I have decided that the original purpose for this "whole thing" in the first place was to talk about my business, and what was on my mind. At this point, and for the last few weeks, I have been battling myself and my husband about balance.
It sounds simple in theory, this balance thing. You create a schedule, follow it, and everyone is happy! Wrong! At least for me it is wrong. I have to admit I feel like a pretty big failure when I am a grown adult and I can't figure out how to run my life smoothly. My husband seems to have it figured out for me just fine...of course he is an ex-marine, and runs his life in a very regimented fashion. On the other hand I am a bit of a dreamer...we often argue about the amount of time I spend with my "head" in the clouds. I can spend hours pleasantly thinking about design ideas and new crafts I want to try and I resent the intrusion...I sort of wonder, does he ever "think". I laugh when certain people say "You are always thinking". Yes I am, as opposed to what exactly? Not thinking? Anyways my point is, I am passionate about things and whatever I am dedicated to at the time I throw my all into. This can be seen as an attribute or a negative if I can't figure out the balance thing! I have tried organization, and keeping a day planner with a strict list but I am running out of ideas.
Unfortunately I am not offering any advice on balancing your home life and your work life. Instead I am asking if anyone out their has figured out a creative solution to this problem in their life? I can't be the only one out there that is a type B personality living with a type A. I have struggled with this my entire life and know if I can figure out a system that works for me, my productivity will increase and my happiness!

Friday, August 6, 2010


Yesterday we took a trip to the local Craft store and instead of heading straight to the jewelry section I strolled the scrap booking section. First of all let me say, I knew that scrap booking was huge, but I wasn't prepared for the amount of the store dedicated to the craft! Amazing is the word for it. There is aisle upon aisle of paper, stickers, albums and tools for the craft, and the store I was in is a mega store. Frankly, I don't know how it couldn't inspire you to overhaul all your family albums. Of course when I tried to explain this to my husband he wasn't quite so passionate...I said "there are stickers for everything, and they aren't just stickers, they're like stickers on steroids"! He just looked at me the same way he does when I talk about my jewelry designs...the please let this end soon look.
Anyways, I have a point about all this scrap booking, so I will quit rambling and
get to it. Many of you are crafters yourselves and I thought this would be of interest to you. Lately I have been thinking about creating some kind of catalog to showcase all of my designs thus far, a sort of portfolio if you will, and with all the scrap booking tools the design would be a fun craft project. Maybe some of you have already done this and if so I would love to hear your comments!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

August Giveaway

For this month's giveaway there will be multiple items in the giveaway with multiple winners! The first item is pictured above, it is a sterling silver 2mm french rope chain, at 24 inches in length. There will be 3 winners of this lovely sterling silver chain!

The second item in the giveaway is the above pictured sterling silver and gray, rectangular, glass earrings, with bali spacers. There will be one lucky winner of these awesome earrings!

To enter the August giveaway you have to:
  1. Be a follower of Tidbits & Glitz
  2. Sign up for Sunset & Vine Jewelry's Newsletter
  3. Visit Sunset & Vine Jewelry and pick your favorite item and post the link here in the comments section of this post for the August giveaway.
3 Easy steps and you are entered for this month's great giveaways! I hope you enter and I wish you all luck!!

Griselda of Spirit Dolls & Assemblage Art

Recently I had the great pleasure of meeting Griselda Tello. Griselda introduced herself to me during The Citrine Earring Giveaway, and we have built a natural friendship since then. She has a shop on Etsy, Awesome Art, where she sells the most beautiful spirit dolls and she also has a store on 1000 Markets. You can also follow Griselda and her design process on her blog Original Art by Griselda. If you don't know what a spirit doll is visit Griselda's store where she has many beautiful dolls on display, all with a different story and all charged with an energy to protect!
Griselda is a very special person, from always being there to offer advice and encouragement to writing a very moving post on her blog about myself and Tidbits & Glitz. To read the post please scan down to the section titled In The Flow Of Abundance And Creativity. The fact that Griselda mentioned me and my jewelry made my day! I just wanted to let her know that she has in turn touched my life and I am excited to get my spirit doll. The doll is blessed with creative energy and I can't wait for the boost! Thanks for being a friend Griselda. I am glad I met you:)