Friday, November 26, 2010

Business Update

Citrine glass briolettes wrapped with copper wire that I antiqued and artisan ear wires that I handmade.

Hopefully you all had a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving! As long as you were surrounded by family and had a meal to eat together you had much to be thankful for. We often get so caught up in what is complicated and missing in our lives that we forget to just thank God for all the simple blessings in our lives that so many others are going without in these uncertain times. I am guilty of this not just daily but from minute to minute. I have to remind myself not to think about the bill that is due at the end of the month, Christmas presents and preparations that need planned for and stresses that inevitably occur in everyday life. But when I focus on being grateful the problems seem so trivial. My family is healthy and generally happy, we have a nice home, my husband has been employed by the same company for over 10 years and has a company vehicle, and I am thankful for the Lord's presence in our lives. When you focus on the good in your life it makes it hard to remember what all the bad things were about.

Czech glass leaves and fire-polished rounds wrapped in copper wire that I antiqued and artisan ear wires are handmade.

Next week I am having my first Christmas Open House for Sunset & Vine Jewelry. I hope to make it an annual tradition. There will be food, music, home decor for the holiday season along with prizes. I am constantly stressing over decorations for the party, the food, the jewelry layout and packaging and gift wrapping. Basically there isn't a thing I am not worried about and I am trying to remind myself that it will all work out and I shouldn't let this consume me. Keep your fingers crossed and say a prayer for me and I will let everyone know how it goes. Hopefully I will have some good tips to share after it is all said and done.

Freshwater rice pearls and enamel tipped head pins are dangled from antiqued copper links and I made artisan ear wires.

I have a bit of bad news concerning my Etsy shop. I am sharing this with anyone who runs an Etsy shop so they don't fall into the same mistake of renewing without restraint. For the present moment my shop has been shut down because of past due fees. I was trying to be as successful as I could be and keep my items current by renewing them often especially if I hadn't listed a new item for the day which I read on the seller handbook. So for two months I re-listed every item in my shop every day! Apparently this is why some people need business managers and accountants,etc, etc., because in my head I thought "oh it is just twenty cents to renew and that isn't very much". Well after looking at my bill at the end of October I found out just how much it came to be! I had roughly 80+ items that I was renewing at the twenty cents and it turned out to be sixteen dollars a day or more!! Of course I was getting sales but not nearly enough to cover the costs that it took to draw them in. So if you are like me and budgeting and finance aren't your strong suits just remember what I learned about business...if your costs outweigh your sales then it isn't a great business model. All kidding aside I am working out the enormous billing issue...I was shocked when I saw it...and should be back up and running very soon. In the meantime I may be offering some items for sale here on my blog.

Sterling silver wire wrapped into a size 7 ring that is adjustable. Ring is hammered and polished and wrapped with sterling silver wire and faceted garnet stones.

Just a reminder, on Wednesdays I write a tutorial/review post for Tools Are For Women Too! so stop by and check it out! We always have a great time on TAFWT! There are contributing writers on various crafting topics and link parties on Mondays and Thursdays.

Past Present and Future circle links in sterling silver are draped from double strands of sterling silver delicate cable chain. Necklace is completed with a sterling silver spring ring clasp and total length is 18". Necklace can come as a set with matching earrings or bracelet.

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