Sunday, June 13, 2010

Advertising on a Shoestring Budget

When you have next to nothing in terms of a budget for advertising where do you start and who do you go to for advice? Building a brand and awareness that Sunset & Vine Jewelry even exists sometimes seems like an impossible task...maybe moving a mountain would be easier...hahaha. Okay enough stressing about overwhelming tasks:)...Tomorrow is another day so they say and we are just going to try harder. I have been reading some info that Etsy has in the Seller Handbook on improving your shop and marketing 101 (didn't I already pay Ohio State for this) and hopefully I will absorb some useful info. Stay tuned maybe I will have good news.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Girl Up

A portion of all my store's sales will now go to The U.N. is launching a few worthy programs that will help women in developing countries and they need all of us to help out. Girl up is one of those organizations and for just $5 you can help a young girl receive supplies to attend school which will have a major ripple effect in the community! The five dollar donation is called a high five and you can learn more about it by visiting or you can make a purchase from Sunset & Vine Jewelry and know that you are shopping while helping out a worthy cause!

Sunset & Vine Jewelry

My shop on Etsy is titled Sunset & Vine Jewelry and I added a link to the shop here on my blog. I have quite a few listings on my shop and I really hope you like it. I love jewelry it feeds my need to play with shiny glittery things like a little 5 year old girl...haha just kidding sorta! I really love gems and sterling silver and goldfilled wire and I hope that I bring a little sparkle to somebody else's life through my designs. The great thing about any accessory is that it can spice up any ordinary outfit and make you feel extraordinary!

Friday, June 4, 2010


Welcome to my little blog about designing jewelry and trying to become somewhat successful in launching my own business. Along the way I plan to detail my journey and share my daily ups and downs as well as fun links to other cool designers and sites that inspire me. I have a site on Etsy and I have had some positive experiences from that venture as well as conversing with some really talented artisans and creative people. Hopefully along the way if you pop in and read my little blog I will entertain you in some way and inspire you to follow your dreams because really that is what I am about and what I want other people to find for themselves. So far following my dreams isn't always easy but it feeds my soul!