Sunday, August 8, 2010

Finding Balance

Sometimes the hardest thing to do in life is know when to say when. Often it is easier for everyone else in our lives to see when we need a break or have a problem. So far I haven't mentioned my family life in this blog because I feared if I opened the floodgates they would never close. But, I have decided that the original purpose for this "whole thing" in the first place was to talk about my business, and what was on my mind. At this point, and for the last few weeks, I have been battling myself and my husband about balance.
It sounds simple in theory, this balance thing. You create a schedule, follow it, and everyone is happy! Wrong! At least for me it is wrong. I have to admit I feel like a pretty big failure when I am a grown adult and I can't figure out how to run my life smoothly. My husband seems to have it figured out for me just fine...of course he is an ex-marine, and runs his life in a very regimented fashion. On the other hand I am a bit of a dreamer...we often argue about the amount of time I spend with my "head" in the clouds. I can spend hours pleasantly thinking about design ideas and new crafts I want to try and I resent the intrusion...I sort of wonder, does he ever "think". I laugh when certain people say "You are always thinking". Yes I am, as opposed to what exactly? Not thinking? Anyways my point is, I am passionate about things and whatever I am dedicated to at the time I throw my all into. This can be seen as an attribute or a negative if I can't figure out the balance thing! I have tried organization, and keeping a day planner with a strict list but I am running out of ideas.
Unfortunately I am not offering any advice on balancing your home life and your work life. Instead I am asking if anyone out their has figured out a creative solution to this problem in their life? I can't be the only one out there that is a type B personality living with a type A. I have struggled with this my entire life and know if I can figure out a system that works for me, my productivity will increase and my happiness!

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  1. Balance is a good thing to have, and it helps if people don't saddle you with too much weight :)
    I wish for you to find your own guide, and the moment you do, balance is no longer an issue, you will just feel like you are in the perfect space, doing what you want to do.
    Veronica asked me to say thank you for her lovely earrings, I gave her the blue and silver bracelet, she looooved it.
    Hugs my friend.