Friday, October 1, 2010

Humble Housekeeping-Featured Blog of the Week

My feature blog of the week is Humble Housekeeping! Everyone loves a humble gal, but Carly the creator of Housekeeping has nothing to be humble about. I agree with Carly when she says everyone and their mother is starting their own blog these days... it is a time where finding SAHM's with blogs is comparable to counting the stars in the night's sky. The good thing for Humble Housekeeping is that it truly stands out!

Carly is very easy to relate to in her new role as SAHM and she breathes new life and inspiration into this for some of us who have been in the game a little longer and are needing a bit of a fresh take. Most of us stay-at-home-mothers take on multiple roles and I really appreciate that this blog takes that into account. Her faith based perspective is something many can respect and I really love the call out to Dave Ramsey...a real fave of mine too!

Humble Housekeeping has some awesomely creative tips on redesigning your living space and everything is done on a budget(every project has a cost breakdown) which is a wonderful benefit in light of the economy. I had a hard time picking one project to call my favorite because I want to try them all but The New Touches of Blue Living Room Remodel is fabulous!

Carly has a rockin, comfy, chic, style. If you like Pottery Barn you will love, love,love this blog! You also won't have to break out a table saw to complete any of her projects...that is a good thing for me! Most importantly you will enjoy reading her blog, and she has much to write about in the future. Carly is expecting her second child in May, Congratulations!! Thank you very much to Humble Housekeeping for agreeing to be featured!

Take a quick look at Humble Housekeeping's take on outdoor relaxation!


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