Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Griselda of Spirit Dolls & Assemblage Art

Recently I had the great pleasure of meeting Griselda Tello. Griselda introduced herself to me during The Citrine Earring Giveaway, and we have built a natural friendship since then. She has a shop on Etsy, Awesome Art, where she sells the most beautiful spirit dolls and she also has a store on 1000 Markets. You can also follow Griselda and her design process on her blog Original Art by Griselda. If you don't know what a spirit doll is visit Griselda's store where she has many beautiful dolls on display, all with a different story and all charged with an energy to protect!
Griselda is a very special person, from always being there to offer advice and encouragement to writing a very moving post on her blog about myself and Tidbits & Glitz. To read the post please scan down to the section titled In The Flow Of Abundance And Creativity. The fact that Griselda mentioned me and my jewelry made my day! I just wanted to let her know that she has in turn touched my life and I am excited to get my spirit doll. The doll is blessed with creative energy and I can't wait for the boost! Thanks for being a friend Griselda. I am glad I met you:)

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  1. I had not seen your post, this is so very sweet of you, my dear friend. :)
    Lets do luch soon...:)