Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Button It Up!

Summer vacation is quickly coming to a close for those of us who have children at home enjoying every last minute of Summer freedom. And while some of the parents might be counting down the last 30 days or so, until they regain a bit of their freedom, there is still time left to build memories and keep the kids busy with a fun project to do together!
When I am working on jewelry my kids are always popping their heads in the room and needling their way up on my lap to try and "help" mommy. Usually this involves little hands making off with the off-limits gemstones and knocking a project on the floor and my blood pressure increasing! From the outside looking in I suspect it looks a bit like a Monty Python skit, or The Three Stooges and I'm the one getting! The solution was devising a project that they could take part in and with materials I could bear to part with. What I decided on a trip to Joanne's Fabric Store was that I would buy several packs of buttons and let the kids help me make magnets. You only need a few materials to complete the project and you can use several different things for your magnet. This is a great opportunity to let your kid's creativity shine through and their magnets will display artwork, schoolwork, and family schedules on your refrigerator throughout the year!

Materials Needed
  • Buttons, Rhinestones, Seashells, etc. The choice is up to you, let your creativity take over.
  • Glue, I use E-6000 Industrial Strength Adhesive
  • Round Magnets, I bought these in a bag at Wal-Mart but you can get them at any craft store
Okay after you assemble your materials you will want to find a nice flat spot to spread everything out and get to work.

  1. Put down a newspaper or the like to protect the surface you are working on.
  2. Make three stations for your materials, one for buttons, and another for glue, and then finally the magnets.
  3. Pick your button, or rhinestone etc. and begin to apply glue.
  4. When applying glue use paintbrushes or q-tips for application.
  5. If you are only using one button apply the magnet and allow to dry.
  6. If you are applying several layers of buttons allow the glue to dry for 6 hours before applying magnet.
  7. Once the button layers are dry apply the glue to the magnet and allow that to dry also for 6 hours or more.
*Note-You can also purchase magnets with adhesive already applied!

This project is a lot of fun for parents and kids and can be done with children of all ages with close supervision. Crafting is a great opportunity for children to embrace their creativity and unplug from the ipod touches, cell phones and television to spend some time as a family working with their hands to create something! I hope you give this project a try and have fun too!

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