Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I rarely enjoy reading the newspaper because it it usually such a downer but Sunday I was actually amazed by one story. It was about a local woman who lives in Haiti working as a RN and also as a christian missionary. She is only thirty but she has the strength, courage and wisdom of someone much older.
Her name is Ginny and she has a blog detailing her journey for Jesus and the people of Haiti. Her blog,, is so vivid in detail and the pictures she provides of the Haitian people and their countryside are stunning. In addition to all the work she does from working to contain a Cholera outbreak to assisting in building a Church for the villagers, she has also adopted a 2 year old, Odessa from Haiti.
Ginny has totally immersed herself in the country and she takes you along with her through her blog. I almost cried when I read about the day she helped pass out shoes (donated by a Church from Georgia) to the school children. I have never seen such joy on the faces of children from such a simple thing that we take for granted.
If you are looking for a little inspiration and a true insider perspective on the situation in Haiti after the earthquake, Ginny provides it. This blog is definitely worth reading, I couldn't stop. God is truly working through Ginny and she selflessly volunteers for the journey!

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  1. Thank you for the kind words and reference to my blog! You have some beautiful jewelry you have made. I am not that creative-your stuff is beautiful! I was wondering if you would like to brainstorm with me in helping Haitian women start small businesses. I don't know if there is an inexpensive way they could make/sell jewelry here in Haiti. Thought I would start with asking you!
    Email me at